Pegasus Bootstrap Theme for WordPress

This is a custom Bootstrap Theme for WordPress made with CMB2 and various JS libraries.
It comes with a suite of plugins that are separately installed to add functionality to a site.

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Name Attribute Options Description Example
Page ID id Your Page ID The Page ID of the Facebook Page you want to display id=smashballoon
Access Token accesstoken Your Access Token Only needs to be used in the rare event that you need to use 2 different Access Tokens accesstoken='YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN'
Page Type pagetype page
When you are displaying posts from a page
When you are displaying posts from a group
Number of posts num Any number The number of posts you wish to display num=5
Post limit limit Any number Define the number of posts retrieved from the Facebook API limit=5
Post offset offset Any number less than the number of posts you’re displaying The number of posts to offset the feed by. For example, offset=2 would start the feed at the third post. offset=1
Show posts by others showpostsby ‘me’
Select whether to show posts by only the page owner, anyone who posts on your page, or only others who post on your page. showpostsby=others
Caching time cachetime Any number Define the amount of time to cache posts for before checking Facebook for new ones (the unit of time can be set using the ‘cacheunit’ option described below cachetime=5
Caching unit of time cacheunit minutes
Select the unit of time for cachine (the amount time can be set using the ‘cachetime’ option described above cacheunit=hours
Locale locale en_US
Define the language that the Like box should be localized to locale=es_ES
Ajax ajax true
Whether or not the Custom Facebook Feed content is being loaded in via Ajax by your WordPress theme ajax=true

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